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Recent Projects

Timber frame barn-to-home conversion

What once was used as a barn in Central NH

now is a gorgeous home situated on a lofty mountain road in the White Mountains.

We finished up this timber frame barn restoration project

with dramatic results.

Take a look through the pictures to see how this barn began. It was hiding shamefully behind the trees.  A few months, and many hours of work later: the end result is amazing! 

It is now standing proudly in the open for all to see and admire.

A complete restoration of a 1700's timber frame barn.

This process includes:

* Tagging and blueprinting the frame

* Taking down the frame and trucking it to our shop for restoration

* Restoring the frame using traditional timber framing & joinery

* Preparing the site for the restored frame

* Trucking frame back to the site

* Re-erecting the frame on prepared foundation

* Installing new roofing & siding, windows & doors

* Finishing interior of barn (loft, stairs, etc.)

This restored barn is being used as a dance studio!

This one-of-a-kind lakeside pavilion was cut from premium, kiln-dried Douglas Fir from Oregon. 

The custom Hammer Beam trusses were the result of hours of careful measurements and cutting in our shop.  The finished product will last for generations and be enjoyed by many at this lakeside home.

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